Transcribing Your Podcast Doesn’t Make it Discoverable

I don’t think transcribing your show and creating show notes actually does much for discovery. It’s quite laughable that podcasters think it does. Here’s why:

Your transcript on a weight loss podcast is not going to rank for the terms “weight loss.” Google is indexing the entire world’s knowledge. And most people don’t leave after page 2 of google search. Why would a random podcast on weight loss show up in search?

Transcribed shows to me really aren’t doing much to grow a podcast. And services saying they do are lying. Flat out lying. Is it helpful to have more text associated with the show? Sure. But its helpful to do ANYTHING for a show. Helpful doesn’t cut it.

The problem here is people actually believe transcribing the show will lead to more people somehow discovering it. I believe this is false. This is false sense of podcast marketing because it makes it seem that more words and text somehow creates an SEO strategy.

Many podcast topics topics already have great article content ranking for them. If google indexes podcasts then thats great, but someone has to type in your podcast name itself. Thats not the best way to be found when no one knows you.

It’s also a complicated and annoying method of getting discovered. Why cant you just post your audio content in a place where it naturally will find an audience because that platform is built to help you discover audio content at scale? Maybe that platform should exist…

This is why we built Audea — we want to fundamentally change how audio content is discovered and distributed, to actually bring discovery to audio at scale.

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