Don’t Let Legacy Audio Distribution Methods Brainwash You

It surprises me how much of a hill people are willing to die on when it comes to the legacy method of audio distribution. I guess when you are stuck in your ways then you are stuck in your ways. I don’t care how established it seems, audio distribution is meant to be changed:

Most of the pushback I’ve gotten is from people who think that “transcripting your podcast” will lead to better be discovered. Laughable. How well is that going for people? Lol. Discovery on the internet happens when there is a 2 sided marketplace to find content.

Consumers come to find content, creators upload content. All in one place. Most of the Web3 fanatics would say this is bad because its one place. I would say they like to say its bad while tweeting about all on Twitter, in one place.

RSS Discovery is distributed across thousands of places. Which is why there is no distribution for it. The distribution is just being “hosted on a ton of apps,” but that’s NOT distribution. That’s called hosting.

We need an audio platform to exist that actually creates network effects. If each user that is added to the network can add more value to the network, than the platform can succeed and ACTUALLY bring audio content the discovery it deserves.

Without that, you’ve got this thought leaders in love with the RSS model because it either fills their pockets or makes them feel happy since they were grandfathered in. We need a new paradigm for this.

This is why we built Audea — we want to fundamentally change how audio content is discovered and distributed, to actually bring discovery to audio at scale.

You can check out Audea’s website here.

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Amit Kukreja is the cofounder/ceo of Audea — a new platform to get audio-ideas discovered at scale. You can find him on twitter here & email him at

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